Trickling Springs Creamery

Chambersburg, PA


In 2001, Tricking Springs Creamery was founded by two friends, Gerald Byers and Myron Miller, with the goal of processing premium milk from local farmers for their local community.They established high standards for their farmers to follow in terms of what they feed their cows, how they care for their animals, and how they take care of their land’s eco-sustainability.A large part of this was asking our farmers to give their cows access to pasture year round and feed a grass-intensive diet.

All our dairy products are minimally processed using low-temp pasteurization, simple ingredients, and no additives to our whole milk and creams.In 2002, we became certified as an organic processor and started selling our organic products throughout the greater Mid-Atlantic region.As our reputation for quality organic grass-fed dairy products grew, we were privileged to be able to expand distribution throughout the eastern seaboard region

In 2015, we started building a state of the art cheese making facility 20 miles north of our Chambersburg plant in Newville, Pennsylvania.  This cheese making facility will allow us to make cheese within the Mid-Atlantic region with our milk.  This plant is currently projected to be completed sometime in early 2018.

As we grow, we are committed to growing sustainable organic farming in the Mid-Atlantic area. In 2015, we launched a Farmer-for-Life™ program to encourage farmers to make the transition from conventional farming to organic farming. This program incrementally pays farmers for each step they make along the journey toward being Non-gmo Project Verified® and certified organic.

Currently, we purchase milk from 32 family farms.