Timberwood Farm

Rhoadesville, VA

Nestled in Rhoadesville, VA., Timberwood Farm is a small, family run farm that is home to several heritage livestock breeds, pasture raised lamb and pork, quality wool products, and goat’s milk soap.

Tired of the uninspiring, tasteless meat and produce being offered from traditional food outlets, Barbara and Doug Johnson decided to start producing their own meat, produce, and fruit in 2005.  Believing that naturally grown produce and humanely raised livestock produce healthier, fresher, and sustainable products, Timberwood Farm was born.  Our livestock are all pasture raised and fed.  They are never given hormones.  They are not given any routine antibiotics or medications.

Also believing that animals should live as naturally as possible, and be as self-sustaining as possible, we pasture raise several heritage livestock breeds, including Clun Forest sheep, Berkshire pigs, and Nigerian Dwarf goats.

We also produce fiber products from the wool of our sheep, including yarn, roving and rugs.  We use the milk from our Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats to produce a lovely goat’s milk soap and other lotions.

If you would like to learn more about us and our farm, please feel free to visit our website at www.timberwoodfarmandfiber.com.