Pennington Market Farm

Nokesville, VA


We started Pennington Market Farm in 2018 on our 10-acre property in Nokesville, VA (Prince William County). We initially began with a small flock of chickens and ducks for egg production, but we have a number of other items in the works at various stages of maturity including microgreens, vegetables, honey, and, who knows, maybe even goat dairy products one day.

Though we are more or less a hobby farm at present, we strive to give our birds a good quality of life. All of our birds are outside 100% of the time, with coops available for shelter. We have three 50’x50’ pens that we rotate them through monthly to give the birds quality forage and not over-graze the soil. We also give them a daily supply of pelletized grain feed as well as “fodder”, which, in our case is a combination of sunflower and oat seeds that have been sprouted for 7 to 10 days.

As you’ll see from our offerings here, we essentially have 3 different types of eggs: bantam, brown, and duck. The bantam eggs are smaller than what you’d typically find in a grocery store (usually in the USDA’s “small” category), the brown eggs are generally in the “large”, or “extra large” category, and our duck eggs would be “jumbo” size. We eat plenty of all of them at our house and can vouch that they’re all delicious!

Please check out our chicken and duck eggs for sale at The Fresh Harvest! If you’d like any additional information, you can find us via any of the following ways:

phone: 703-392-4810

Happy shopping!
Derek & Elissa Pennington