The Fresh Harvest

Fresh from the farm food, delivered to your door.


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Sold By: Hot Southern Honey
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Sold By: Clark + Hopkins
Sold By: Clark + Hopkins



The Fresh Harvest was started by farmers for farmers. Matt Coyle and Dr. Jerry Engh of Lakota Ranch started The Fresh Harvest in 2018 to help the local farming community, while providing easy access online to the freshest, most delicious and healthiest foods available. Pick and choose what you want, when you want, and get it delivered right to your door. No subscriptions, membership fees and the power is in your hands to only choose the foods you want, unlike other CSA’s or produce box subscriptions.

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We source everything we can from local farmers, right here in Virginia. The only time we outsource products is when they can’t be grown here, like lemons, oranges or avocados. We’ve found that when we can offer non-local items like these, in addition to locally grown foods, we can create a more convenient one-stop shopping experience, where you can easily support your local farmers and get all of your other non-local necessities!


The average item in a grocery store travels 1500 miles to get there, losing over 90% of its nutritional value along this journey, not to mention leaving a large carbon footprint on our planet. Our food travels an average of 30 miles to get to your table and is picked, baked, juiced the day before its delivered to you, ensuring fresh and nutrient-rich foods from farm to fork.


We know how busy you are, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t eat fresh, healthy, locally grown foods while supporting your local farming community. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to ensuring that your weekly Fresh Harvest box is conveniently delivered to you, no matter where you are each week.

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