Fresh Cut Flowers by Melanie

Boston, VA

Fresh Cut Flowers by Melanie (Farmer/Florist) is a specialty cut flower farm growing unique, uncommon and heirloom flowers using sustainable gardening practices.

Our family farm has been passed down through six generations and has always been the gathering place for family, extended family, friends and weary travelers for over 200 years.  Our early ancestors grew everything they needed to sustain themselves with only needing to purchase coffee and sugar.  In the last 50 years we have continued the farming tradition and the focus has been geared toward beef cattle.  With the cattle market reaching all-time lows, I turned, with the help of my brothers, to a skill and a love that I learned from my father and grandmother, gardening.  I can’t tell you the joy to be back in “my ancestors’” garden and growing flowers for market.   Our heart lies in community.

We are excited to be part of The Fresh Harvest that allows you to buy direct from our farm.  We are proud to continue our heritage of the family farm and to be part of the “flower revolution”, the return of the flower industry to the United States and the return of the family run flower farm.