Blue Ridge Coffee Crafters

Ruckersville, VA

We are Chris and Jeanette Curtis from Ruckersville, VA, and we LOVE coffee! Our desire at Blue Ridge Coffee Crafters is to provide high quality beans freshly roasted to coffee lovers like you. We don’t roast your coffee until we receive your order, so the Lakota Fresh Foods model is perfect for us.

Whether you look to coffee for your get up and go or for the comfort of a hug in a mug, we have the coffee for you.

Coffee grows near the equator at high elevations. We work with different importers to source high quality beans grown in a fair and sustainable way.

Freshly Roasted
Blue Ridge Coffee Crafters is a true small batch micro roaster, as we only roast 1 lb to 6 lbs of coffee at any given time. Our roasting technology demands extreme, hand craft precision with the old world uniqueness of a custom hand crafted roast. We roast your coffee on a fluid bed of hot air. We pay attention to the sight, smell, sound and internal bean temperature of your coffee to ensure that each roast is lovingly perfected.
High quality packaging
Our fresh roasted coffee arrives packaged in a resealable 12 ounce bag with a gusset valve to insure extended freshness. Our pouch bag with the gusset valve will keep your coffee fresh. When you seal the inner seal, and squeeze out the extra air, your coffee will stay fresh.
We are excited to be a part of Lakota Fresh Foods, a company that values quality and freshness.