Clark + Hopkins


I grew up in a family that discussed dinner plans over breakfast, and lunch over dinner; being a foodie was in my blood. I went to Johnson + Wales University and later moved to Richmond where I worked at several restaurants and later started a catering company. I then went into corporate food service in northern Virginia for 13 years. I grew tired of the corporate world and started making hot sauce for my friends. One of those friends is now my business partner Don Hopkins. We decided to make Richmond our home market, a foodie and craft beer Mecca.

So our products are more culinary sauces than hot sauces in that you can cook with ours. ,Our recipes are super quick, delicious and only require a couple of ingredients to make an exotic meal. The first hot sauce I created was Kerala which I made for a friend from southern India. He said it tasted like home and spurred me to look into other parts of the world and capture their ingredients in our bottles. In just one weekend, I ended up making 23 hot sauces from various parts of the globe but needed to pick out just a few to begin. I wanted to make something for our region so I created Chesapeake Bay and Virginia. We now have 8 hot sauces and 2 bloody mary’s. Our Chesapeake Bloody Mary took home the 2019 Scovie Award and our hot sauce Assam received the 2019 Sofi Award for world’s best new hot sauce by the Specialty Food Association. Assam was also featured on Season 7 of Hot Ones, YouTube’s #1 show in their history.

Our lineup includes Kerala, Ethiopia, Laos, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, Oaxaca, Texas and Assam with our two bloody mary’s Chesapeake Bay and Texas. Our lineup is 100% all natural, gluten free and vegan (except for Laos which has dried shrimp) Our bloody mary’s are about 1/3 the sodium of most bloody marys on the market.

We are excited to be back in RVA!