New Culpeper-based e-commerce business, Lakota Fresh Foods, puts ordering local food from local farmers just one click away


Culpeper, Virginia (April 17, 2018) – Today, a new Culpeper County-based e-commerce business, Lakota Fresh Foods, announced that it has successfully launched, providing an online platform to consumers interested in purchasing locally grown food from homegrown farmers.

In late 2017, Matt Coyle and the Engh family partnered to bring Lakota Fresh Foods to life. Lakota Fresh Foods is based in Culpeper County, but serves customers throughout Northern Virginia in Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Prince William Counties and the City of Alexandria.

Coyle, 27, was born on a cow farm in Northern Ireland, moving to the United States when he was three years-old. He grew up in a rural-suburban area in Connecticut and had his entry into the world of e-commerce as a high school student, building websites for his father’s construction business and other local companies.

After several years travelling and attending school at George Mason University, he decided to get back to his farm country roots, purchasing a small farmhouse and barn in Culpeper, Virginia.

Shortly thereafter, Matt began working on a local farm, Lakota Ranch. The Engh family introduced Matt to cattle farming and to their premier Devon beef products, which turned out to be the best tasting and healthiest beef Matt had ever had. Seeing an opportunity to connect local farms that are raising the healthiest food options with local consumers who value quality fresh foods and a convenient shopping experience, Lakota Fresh Foods was born.

“The Culpeper-farming community is the lifeblood of the local economy,” said Coyle. “More importantly, the industry brings the whole town and surrounding area together as a family. That’s why I’m hopeful that this e-commerce site takes off, because the people of Culpeper and the hardworking family owned farmers and ranchers in the area deserve to grow, thrive, and to be happy and healthy – for generations to come. With Lakota Foods, we’ll hopefully be the catalyst for a groundswell of positive economic activity, job creation, and prosperity right here in Culpeper. And, I couldn’t be more honored and proud to partner with the Engh Family on this exciting new venture.”

Farming in Northern Virginia since the 1950’s, the Engh family moved from Effingham plantation in Nokesville, Virginia to Lakota Ranch on the edge of Culpeper County in Remington, Virginia in 1990. With the family history rich in agriculture and livestock production, the Engh’s have long been recognized for the gourmet quality grass-fed beef produced by their Devon cattle and for the quality of the cattle themselves.

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”My family has been proud to be a part of Culpeper and the local farming community for a half-century,” said Jerry Engh. ”We love it here. We know that the future of food is local. And, we know a significant part of the future of commerce is e-commerce. For the well-being of folks in Culpeper and beyond, we’re proud to be able to work with our local community to provide folks with local, great-tasting, healthy food options that with the new Lakota Fresh Foods site are just one-click away.”

The online grocery market is heating up with sales expected to increase from around $71 billion last year to $177 billion by the year 2022, according to Cowen & Co.

In seeking out an e-commerce platform provider to partner with, Coyle said that choosing Lulus Local Food was a “no-brainer.” A software solution for operating online farmers markets and food hubs, Lulus progressive program is designed to serve as an online tool for establishing a local market food system. Lulus is building local markets and establishing small food hubs in communities throughout Virginia and Montana and neighborhoods in-between, according to the company’s website.

“Our goal is to bring the freshest, locally grown foods to customers in Culpeper County, Virginia through our online food hub,” said Coyle. “We’re starting small, but we eventually hope to expand to Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.”

Coyle also noted that Lakota Fresh Foods is open for online orders 24/7. As of right now, customers can pick-up their orders on Friday afternoon at Lakota Ranch in Remington and Saturday morning at the Far Gohn Brewing Company in Culpeper. With more pickup locations and home delivery to be offered in the coming weeks.

“We hope to be delivering to our customers’ doors as soon as possible, but for now this model will have to work,” said Coyle.

Lakota Fresh Foods is partnering with several local farms in Culpeper County, including: Lakota Ranch; Wollam Gardens; Sweet Valley Farm; Papa Weaver’s Pork Farm; Moving Meadow’s Farm and Bakery; Fresh20 Growers; Freshcut Flowers by Melanie; Countless Blessings Farm; ​Great Greens; Cibola Farms and Snowing in Space Coffee​.

Folks can browse for their favorite locally-grown foods online at, place their order with one-click, and then get it delivered or come pick it up.