Born on a cattle farm in Ireland, Matt Coyle moved to Culpeper County, Virginia intending to get back to his agricultural roots and learn more about sustainable farming. As a student of political science at George Mason University, Matt was drawn to Culpeper County for it’s rich American history.

World-renowned orthopedic surgeon and owner of Lakota Ranch, Dr. Gerard A. Engh, has long been recognized for his grass-fed gourmet Certified Devon Beef. Dr. Engh’s family has been a part of Culpeper and the local farming community for half a century, and prides himself on treating his animals humanely without using antibiotics, GMO’s or grain.

Matt started working at Lakota Ranch and became familiar with the holistic farming approach, as well as seeing and tasting the difference of sustainably-grown food. This led to the idea that more people should have access to high-quality food grown by local farmers and to make it easy to purchase online, with home or office delivery available.

On April 4, 2018, Jerry Engh and Matt Coyle partnered to create The Fresh Harvest with one goal in mind: Offer the freshest, all-natural foods, grown by local farmers, online with the option to get it all delivered right to your door.

Starting with Lakota Ranch’s Certified Devon Beef, they partnered with other local farmers who also produce products of the highest quality while using a humane and holistic approach. The Fresh Harvest sources over 90% of their products within a 30 mile radius from their customers, but for everything not available in or around Virginia, they source the most locally available and sustainably raised foods.

Our promise to our customers is to provide transparency about where your food comes from, how it was produced and introduce you to the farmer who made it all happen.